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Blocks: web components for the Uploadcare platform integrations

πŸ’Ž Core concepts

πŸ“¦ What’s in the box?

βš™οΈ Installation and start

Installation process is easy and takes minutes. See the installation guide.

Typescript support

We use JSDoc type annotations for TypeScript static analysis support during development.

Additionally, we provide type definitions (*.d.ts files) for the TypeScript projects in our packages.

Check the JSDoc Reference page in TypeScript official documentation.

Supported browsers

Blocks are supported and tested in all major modern desktop and mobile browsers:

Internet Explorer is outdated and not supported anymore.

Frameworks support

Blocks are a framework-agnostic solution, so you can use it with any runtime you like. We have prepared examples for the most popular frameworks.

πŸš€ Contribution

Issues and PRs are welcome. You can provide your feedback or drop us a support request at

  1. Clone repository: git clone ./.
  2. Run dependencies setup: npm install.
  3. Start local dev-server: npm run dev.

Browse documentation and live examples ➑️

All the source code in demos is accessible and works in raw mode (as is), you can use your browser developer tools to discover it in detail.